Senva provides superior sensors that make even the most challenging installation operate more reliably, accurately and profitably. We do this from deep customer involvement that begins by listening to application problems, possessing the insight to understand them, and then the smarts to create relevant and technically superior products. We are empathetic to both our customers’ project needs and their personal success. We are passionate about excellent service and high integrity and character.

Senva Wireless Products

Senva WO-2 High Accuracy Sensor
WO-2 and WO-3
High accuracy sensor for system performance
  • Long life thanks to fusion of sensor and evaluation circuitry on one CMOS chip.
  • Replaceable sensor element without removing conduit or housing. Remove the lid and pull the tab for fast and easy service.
  • State of the art testing facilities. Certification options from 1-point, 2 -point, and 8 -point (NIST traceability--consult factory)
  • Analog signal processing is performed on the same chip as sensor eliminating noise-susceptible solder -points for small analog signals
  • On-board temperature compensation for RH. Eliminates temperature coefficient errors and achieve an excellent measurement accuracy as well as high repeatability and offset stability
  • Industry leading 2-year warranty