The EasyIO–Controllers are rugged, network centric, high performance multi–protocols Input/Output controllers to accommodate general and specific applications, featuring Bacnet IP, Bacnet Ethernet, Bacnet MSTP, Modbus Serial (RS485) and Modbus TCP/IP protocols plus a built–in Web server for easy configuration. Now, EasyIO–30P supports Sedona Framework™ which provides complete software platform for developing, deploying, integrating, and managing device applications at the lowest level.



  • Low cost 32 Point Sedona, BACnet, Modbus, TCOM Controller, 8 UO, 16 UI, 8 DO, with built in HTML 5 Graphics Server.
  • SD Card Memory expansion, 2 RS 485 ports and full EasyIO Sedona Library for Logging, Control, Scheduling and remote management

EasyIO 30P Sedona Controller

  • Low cost IO plant controller with 8-Digital Outputs, 8-Universal Inputs, 8-Digital Inputs and 4-Analog Outputs.
  • For Stand alone applications or integrated into a larger system
  • Menu driven programming interface, simply connect to it with a standard web browser.
  • Out of the box enabled with Sedona, BACnet-IP and BACnet-mstp protocols.

EasyIO LCD Display

  • Low cost color touch screen for any Niagara AX JACE Station or Web Supervisor as well as the Easy IO Sedona controllers.
  • Easy to configure. No set-up is required at the display .The display is ideal for equipment rooms, control panels, or facility and campus central office installations.

CPT Graphical programming Tool

  • Live dynamic device programming with no download required.
  • Program in standalone environment or part of the Niagara Workbench.
EasyIO Q9Tablet

Q9 Tablet

  • 9'' tablet PC with a slim and sleek profile for easy mounting.
  • Equipped with an advanced processor for smooth and high-speed performance.
  • Features a large capacitive touch screen for easy viewing.
  • Can be used with EasyIO FG series of controls as well as Niagara AX Jaces via RJ45 connection

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