Commercial Series Thermostats

The ecobee Commercial Series Energy Management System maximizes your building's efficiency, reduces energy consumption, delivers significant cost savings and allows you to do it all remotely. Not only are you saving time, you're also saving .

Just a few of the markets Served:

  • Retail
  • Small Commercial
  • Schools
  • Health Care Offices
  • Places of Worship

Total control and the convenience of remote management and online diagnostics.

  • Connect to your own personalized secure Web Portal or Smart Phone
  • View and Control Multiple Thermostats

An easy way to track and analyze performance.

  • Stop problems before they start and reduce on-site service calls.
  • The Reports feature allows you to track the performance of multiple locations, analyze system reports, conduct remote diagnostics and assess performance, all from your Web Portal.

Your ecobee Web Portal

  • Allows you to be anywhere to access customer building operations

For more information contact us directly at or visit ecobee.