The most advanced web, enabled energy monitoring and targeting analysis solution available for all size of facilities in commercial and industrial markets.
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eSightenergy specializes in energy management software, our energy suite eSight® is the most advanced fully web enabled energy monitoring and targeting package on the market. This comprehensive and intuitive energy management suite provides an extensive range of techniques for managing all aspects of energy data.

eSight® allows you to bring together all your energy analysis and reporting needs under one application accessed from anywhere within your organization. eSight Energy management additionally supplies an extensive range of AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) solutions including smart metering and data loggers, as well as providing site surveying services to determine your specific requirements.

eSight is in use across a diverse range of clients who have each selected eSight modules to meet the requirements of their organization. Broadly speaking, this includes industrial clients who are provided with an extensive range of reporting and monitoring functionality for process and efficiency management, facilities management organizations who need to be able to bulk manage their client’s data, consultative companies who need access to client data on remote site locations together with retail, government authorities, health and SME organizations.

eSight offers a number of methods for collecting and importing energy data from BMS, BAS, SCADA, spreadsheets, electronic supplier data and metering / data collection systems. Additionally, we offer a number of high specification options for collecting data from specific production and business systems.

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