Sophisticated and Intuitive Energy Management Solutions that Help Organizations Reduce Energy Costs

Companies in every commercial and industrial sector are trying to reduce energy consumption to control expenses, manage carbon emissions and enhance brand image.

The need to reduce energy, coupled with advances in cost effective real-time energy collection devices and systems is creating demand for INTEGRATED energy efficiency solutions. The availability of data from multiple sources provides an opportunity for focusing on energy management analysis and reporting. This focus leads to actionable insight into energy performance and identifying areas for optimizing the operation of energy consuming devices.

Collecting energy data from on-site devices and interacting with these devices to influence behavior and lower energy consumption is a key objective for Yorkland Controls via our eSight Energy Analysis and Management platform.

Building management systems, utility smart meters, data loggers, and utility online databases are rich with data, yet many customers find this data difficult to acquire, aggregate, analysis and leverage. eSight delivers this information in real time, giving you the actionable intelligence you need for proactive business and energy management decisions.

Combining historical usage information, energy analytics with real-time data feeds provides you with actionable information and justification for both operational and capital business decisions. With eSight, you can proactively monitor your facility in real time and identify opportunities for cost savings.

Take your Energy Efficiency Efforts to the next level!

The HVAC, refrigeration and lighting systems consume the majority of energy in a building and are designed to meet requirements during the most extreme conditions. eSight uncovers opportunities for efficiency gains and provides data to continuously optimize the performance of each these building systems - without affecting comfort.

Once building systems are optimized, eSight helps keeps them operating at highly efficient levels so that you can realize long term energy reductions and extended equipment life.