Energy Managing Modules

Load Factor

Load Factor Analysis
Load Factor Analysis Module allows the user to configure reports and present data in a wide range of graphs, tables, reports and exports from an intuitive user interface.

  • Compare meters, date ranges and analyze the cost of consumption
  • Analyze consumption against production or Degree Day
  • Multi-Variable regression
  • Deviation Analysis
  • Key Performance Indicators analysis
Contract Analysis

Contract Analysis
Contract Analysis Module provides the ability to analyze energy consumption in terms of cost. Supplier contracts may be stored against sites or meters to provide accurate analysis of both current and historical consumption data.

  • Apply single, double, banded or seasonal time-of-day(STOD) to any site or meter
  • Convert costs to virtually any currency
  • Create budgets in graphical or tabular display of actual meter readings
  • Multiple budget templates to assist with budget creation process
Maximum Demand Analysis

Maximum Demand Analysis
Maximum Demand Analysis Module has been designed to provide commercial property owners, facilities management companies and other clients with the ability to automatically manage the complete process of calculating energy consumption and billing for tenants.

  • Can be applied to one or more sites and grouped for convenience
  • Multiple meters may be assigned to one tenant
  • Store different supplier contracts against sub tenant meters
  • Automatically generate a formal sub tenant bill based on energy usage over annual, monthly or four weekly basis
Energy Surface Analysis

Energy Surface Analysis
Energy Surface Analysis Module provides the eSight user with an intuitive interface to enter supplier utility bills for a variety provides the user with an intuitive interface to enter information from supplier utility bills for a variety of fuel types, supplier charges and tax rates.

  • Automatically calculate Net and Gross totals
  • Verify that the utility bill calculations are correct
  • Identify variances between the utility bill usage data and costs against collected meter data
Cost Analysis

Cost Analysis
Cost Analysis Module provides a number of standard report templates that can be run on an ad-hoc basis.

  • Provides the ability for any user to create reports
  • Schedule reports for automatic production and distribution via email or PDF
  • Enables users to determine how often the report runs and how the data is distributed
  • Reports can be output in a number of formats including graphs, tables or exports of data in .csv format
Regression Analysis

Regression Analysis
Regression Analysis Module enables the automatic import of data from a range of different hardware in a variety of different formats.

  • Import data directly from meters, building automation systems, Data loggers, SQL and Utility databases and much more!
  • Interfaces with most of the major systems manufacturers
  • Users can analyze the quality of data imported
  • Auto-fill facility enables data to be filled with linear data fill where data gaps exist
  • Existing data fill facility will take profile of data from previous week and apply to data gap
Alarm Configuration

Alarm Configuration
Alarm Configuration Module enables alarms to be configured to automatically report on anomalies in energy data over given periods of time.

  • Ensures users receive crucial information as it happens not after the event
  • May be raised within eSight or automatically forwarded by SMS text message or email
  • Report on missing or average data ranges, deviations in data or if data exceeds expected range
  • Forwarded on a site-by-site basis according to priority or importance determined by the user
Alarm Configuration

Day Comparison Analysis
Day Comparison Module enables the creation of virtual or calculated meter points based on a formula.

  • Provides the ability to include a range of calculations applicable for different date ranges
  • Aggregate data and compare by unit type
  • Calculate production efficiency, boiler efficiency, flow rates etc.
  • Report on main meter minus sub meters
  • Create calculations to report on carbon outputs
Alarm Configuration

Dashboard Module enables each user to bring together essential energy information on a single personalized page.

  • Highlight areas of performance most important to the energy manager
  • Interchangeable screens can be set to update every minute
  • "Kiosk Mode" enables companies to promote information on a full screen in public locations
  • Organization-wide promotion of up-to-date information on energy management initiatives and projects