Fireye Nexus and Combustion

Fireye® provides a variety of flame safeguard and combustion efficiency products to the HVAC market place.

The newest member of the Nexus™ family of products is the PPC4000. The PPC4000 is an electronic parallel positioning and O2 trim combustion control system. This controller will support sequencing/lead lag and up to 10 servo motors.

When combined with a Fireye flame safeguard system such as the Fireye BurnerLogix™ control, the PPC4000 offers the most compact and advanced parallel positioning system available.


The PPC4000 is an electronic parallel positioning and O2 trim combustion control system built into a compact, flexible user configurable package. PPC4000 supports up to 10 servomotors.  

NXD410 Keypad Display

The NXD410 is a full text based LCD display. 15 keys including fast access one push keys provide information at a glance.

Servo Motors

Three servo motor sizes are available for the PPC4000. High accuracy 0.1 degree over 90 degrees resolution.

O2 probe

Fireye''s oxygen probe provides stack temperature & oxygen measurement. Available in 3 lengths with a low cost replaceable sensor. Oxygen trim automatically and continuously compensates for all the variables that affect efficient combustion.

BurnerLogix™ Y Control, directly compatible with PPC4000, provides flame safeguard and simplified operation for single point applications. BurnerLogix™ is a small and compact package filled with big features and huge benefits.