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Known for relays in an enclosure, Function Devices has a wide range of relays, contacts, Hand-Off-Auto and power devices. Installation costs are reduced while provided visability to the control devices.

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The Pilot Series contains relays that are rated at 10 or 15 Amps. They have been packaged to save the installer the time, trouble and expense of buying separate components (relay, LED indicator, socket, mounting rail, transient protection and housing) and assembling them on the job or at the shop. In spite of being called PILOT relays, most of the relays have inductive, resistive, motor, ballast and tungsten ratings. The coil of most of the relays can be powered by more than one voltage. An externally visible LED indicates the status of the coil of the relay. The (Closed-Open-Auto) override switch, available on certain models, is a true override switch located on the load side of the relay. Pilot Series relays are available in Enclosed, T, and Panel Style packaging.