Lighting Controller

Honeywell Lighting Controller

Standalone or Networkable

Businesses, schools and government facilities spend thousands of dollars each month to light unoccupied rooms, offices, warehouses and more. Honeywell Lighting Controls offer smart scheduling, presence detection and photocells to ensure lights aren’t left burning in vacant areas and that lights are off in areas where there’s already plenty of natural light. It all adds up to truly significant energy savings as a standalone solution or as part of an overall integrated energy management plan that can integrate lighting control with BACnet heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), security and building management systems (BMS).

Honeywell Lighting Stryker Lighting Stryker

Install as a standalone lighting control or part of an integrated network.

Sends low-voltage signals to lighting relays and 0-10 volt dimming devices to deliver simple, yet powerful lighting control strategies for energy savings.

Pre-programmed and Configurable

Non-proprietary BMS connectivity via BACnet objects

Offer zoned lighting control, smart scheduling, presence detection, daylight harvesting and other advanced lighting controls strategies

Honeywell Zio User Interface Zio User Interface

The Zio Smart Scene Selector serves as both configuration tool and scene selector for various lighting modes.
Connected directly to the Lighting Stryker via the Honeywell Sylk bus which is a simple two-wire, polarity insensitive bus simplifies wiring and frees up crucial inputs and outputs

Key Lighting and Control Strategies


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