Honeywell HR90 Electronic Radiator Control

Honeywell TheraPro HR90 is an electronic radiator controller with a modern design and provides features for convenience and energy saving.

It is used as stand-alone controller for radiator heating control applications. For optimized readability of the backlight display the display position can be adjusted as well. The display is switched on as soon as a button is pressed or the wheel is rotated.

Fast installation due to the simple lock mechanism closing the device at the radiator valve. Up to 3 pre-set standard time programs are selectable. After the installation the HR90 operates immediately to the factory set program.

Different operating modes and particular day functions can be selected if required:

hr90 small

HR90 TimeProgram

Energy saving features:
  • In ECO mode, the room temperature is lowered by 3°C
  • Optimised control of the room temperature by start/stop the radiator controller calculates when to open or closing the valve in order to achieve the desired room temperature at the set time

2 batteries 1,5V: LR6, AA, AM3, Lithium, or 2 rechargeable batteries 1,2V NiMH

Time program
The time program can be individually adapted to the customer day-to-day routine. Up to 6 setpoints per day and 3 different set point temperatures which are changeable provide increased comfort. The time program and the 3 setpoints are free programmable.

Braukmann valve


Direct replacement for Honeywell Braukmann valve operators

With adapter included, replaces Danfoss series operators: RA,RAV,RAVL Series

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