Honeywell WiFi Water leak and Freeze Detector

Honeywell WaterLeak

Water leak detection

At the first sign of a leak (measured in drops) the Lyric Leak Detector will alert your smartphone.

Temperature & humidity sensing

Use to detect temperatures that can freeze pipes, and humidity that could damage valuables. The sensors have the ability to record and log your humidity and temperature of the area you are monitoring.

Mobile & audible alerts

Notifications and/or text messages can alert you, wherever you are, while audible alerts sound when you are at home. Status LED lights and an industry leading 100 dB buzzer helps notify of a leak detection.

Easy installation, no extra hub required

Connects to standard Home Wi-Fi directly so the Lyric needs no separate hub or base station. DIY installation and can be setup in minutes.

Water sensing cable included to expand coverage

Detect water with sensors on base of unit or expand coverage with included 4 ft water cable sensor.

Additional cables can be added to extend the sensor length to 500ft. The entire length of the cable sensor detects water.

Free App

Download the easy to use Honeywell Lyric app to get started. The Lyric app guides you through the simple set-up of the Lyric Water Leak and Freeze detector with step-by-step instructions.

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