Yorkland Controls, as a distributor of J2 Innovations graphic products, increases the graphical experience for users. Users can now expect a higher degree of custom graphical solutions, implemented by control automation integrators.

With FIN Builder, control integrators now have a single tool for creating all user experiences. Whether it runs on a desktop, tablet, or phone, you use the same tool for everything. The core technology is designed to be "client platform independent" which simply means that content created in FIN Builder can be rendered on any client device. Designed by a BAS company, built by a software company, FIN Builder combines efficient workflow with the latest technology to meet demanding customer expectations.


Expect powerful navigation for an entire project.. The navigation is an important element of the user experience; it is what the user interacts with on a daily basis. Integrators can literally sit down with their customers and build custom navigation exactly the way customers want to experience their system.

Air Handlers

Air Handler graphics developed faster than ever before. Simply drag and drop from a  library of 3D smart objects representing ducts, coils, fans and sensors, they literally snap into place.

Central Plants

Revolutionize the way central plant graphics are built. Traditional 3D plant and piping graphics were only possible if you used sophisticated 3D drawing packages. Not any more with FIN Builder.

Custom Dashboards

Build custom dashboards quickly and easily using a library of icons, gauges and other visual components. FIN Builder can even complement other web based dashboard applications by incorporating their screens into the FIN environment, creating a unified and custom user experience.

Visit J2 Innovations site for more information.