Senva Inc.

Senva Sensors manufacturers high quality sensors for the Building Automation Industry.

Avoid ARCFlash Hazard and Save
Current sensors which do not have a pre-set function have updated information warning of ARCFLASH hazard- WHY? The technician require the motor to be running to set / commission the sensors. This usually means an open motor starter.
Split Core The SENVA pre-set current sensors have a FLA adjustment which allows the technician to adjust the sensor to the FLA rating of the load/motor. This device is set before the load/motor is energized.

No need to have the motor running and fingers in the motor start for the sensors to be commissioned. This is safe and allows for no call backs due to potential for wrong setup ( during commissioning). Save 10% on the Senva C-2320 pre-set current sensor on quantity of 10 units.
Save 15% on the Senva C-2329 pre-set current sensor on quantity of 25 units.
Watch and start saving time, money, and arc flash.