Understanding Operational Analytics

We have the data and we know our buildings are not operating as efficiently as they could be.
The role of SkySpark’s Automated Operational Analytics is to take the information available to us and transform it into actionable intelligence. Operational analytics automatically identify issues, inefficiencies and faults in the operation of buildings and equipment systems – showing us the way to better building performance. But what exactly do analytics look like?

Analytics aren’t alarms. Analytics aren’t reports. Analytics aren’t simply graphs of energy use. Analytics are results – specific findings of operational issues presented to the user in clear understandable, views – views that tell us exactly what the issue is, when it occurred, how long it lasted, the status of all related operating conditions, and even the cost impact of the issue.

This SkySpark view shows us the “sparks” that have been detected across three sites for a specific day, along with the description, duration, a detailed timeline, and the equipment affected. Users can quickly see all of the factors that contribute to the impact of the issues detected.