Real World Findings

The types of issues found vary with building type, system type, building use and the data available.
Here are some common examples of issues that SkySpark finds in actual applications:

  • Simultaneous heating and cooling in a single unit or across groups of units
  • Short cycling of equipment
  • Lack of diversity control resulting in higher than necessary electrical demand
  • Energy Performance – Deviation of energy intensity (kw/sq ft/degree day) from benchmarks, baselines, or goals, along with time of occurrence, duration and cost
  • Fault detection – Degradation of cooling or heating performance
    (i.e., unit runs but does not deliver expected cooling/heating)
  • Economizers open while heating or cooling
  • Non – functioning sensors (temp, kw, etc)
  • Lights or other loads operating when they shouldn’t
  • Setpoints overridden and not changing with schedules as expected